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Stairmaster – The Key to the Best Butt Ever

September 30, 2008

Are you one of those individuals at the gym slogging it out on the stairmaster for 30 minutes only to lean into the machine and step with your tip toes? If so then you are cheating yourself of the great benefits the stairmaster can have on your butt!

The correct technique on the stairmaster is to step at a slower consistent frequency, feeling the weight of your body through the heel of your feet with each step. By fulfilling full steps (instead of short quick ones) you are benefiting from a better cardio workout while also conditioning your legs and butt.

Start off with 20 minutes workouts up to 3 times a week and progress to 30 – 45 minutes workouts up to 5 times a week.  This will pretty much give you a perfect butt, shapely and round while also giving you and excellent cardio workout.

Don’t be worried that it will make your butt too big or give you a bubble butt. Muscles burns fat and women do not have enough testosterone to build huge muscles. The end result will be a sexy, toned, shapely round butt! Get on that stairmaster and start working it!