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Indoor Rowing

September 25, 2008

Indoor Rowing provides a great cardiovascular workout while also being a strength endurance sport and as it stresses out certain muscles in the body anaerobically. Using a rowing machine is great for weight loss as you can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes.

Proper technique is essential when rowing so as not to injur your lower back and to become more efficient and produce better results.

The Start:

Rowing Start

Rowing Start

Your arms should be straight and relaxed with your body pressed up to the legs.

The Push:

Rowing Push

Rowing Push

With your arms remaining straight push the legs down as your body slides back.

The Finish:

Rowing Finish

Rowing Finish

Finish with the rowing handle by your abdomen and your legs straight.

Don’t forget to set the rowing machine’s resistance to a level that is a bit challenging but not overwhlming on your back, you may be tempted to set the resistance as high as possible to burn more calories in less time but you run the risk of injuring your back.

Working out using a rowing machine has many benefits:

  1. Works out many muscles in your back, abdomen, arms and legs.
  2. Rowing provides low impact motion.
  3. Excellent all over muscle tone.
  4. Increasing muscle mass.
  5. Losing weight and burning calories
  6. Raises heart rate and gets the blood flowing.

Have a look at the video provided here for proper technique when using a rowing machine.


Running Benefits

September 22, 2008

Running is something that we can all do, it doesn’t require a gym membership, fancy outfits and best of all you can do it anywhere. Get yourself a good pair of trainers and start hitting the pavement or the treadmill!

The benefits of running:

1. Losing Weight:

Running is one of the most effective forms of exercise to achieve your ideal body weight . Running requires a great deal of energy in the form of calories. The weight loss formula is simple. When you burn more calories than you consume, the body starts burning off fat.

2. Cardiovascular Health:

Running helops your arteries mantian eleasticy and lowers blood pressure. So you diminish the risk of heart attacks and strokes while also gaining a leaner, healthier looking body.

3. Psychological Health:

Running makes you happier as your body releases hormones called endorphins when running. These hormones give the runner a sense of euphoria known as The Runners High.

4. Stress Relief:

While you run you take time out for yourself and can use it to think about life’s problems and come to new conclusions and see new perspectives. This can lead to an improvement in attitude.

5. Slow Down The Aging Process:

Aging causes a loss of muscle and bone mass. Running slows this process down by increasing the natural production of the human growth hormone and the stress of running on our body strengthen our skeltal system and muscles.

So with all these wonderful benefits why not hop on that treadmill today. Or go for a jog around your neighborhood. There are so many reasons to run!